How 3-D Printers Will Transform the Housing Market


With the invention of the 3-D printer, uses that were never considered before are now at the forefront of peoples minds, it’s changing everything! From body parts, to edible items and even real estate!

So how exactly is this going to happen you may ask…

First of all, lets talk money. These 3-D printers don’t require all the laborers, they produce less waste and can print out a home in days.

Shortages of highly skilled construction workers, long building times and wasted materials will be things of the past.

Not to mention the Great American Dream. 3-D printing will help in the creation of radically new housing designs, new shapes and even new architectural ideas! And all this design work can be done sooner than you think.  It’s an exciting time in real estate!

One market for this new technology could mean for storm-ravaged areas where homes could be rebuilt with furniture in just days. This isn’t some far off futuristic idea seen only in movies, this is a current arms race involving a handful of cutting-edge companies.

“A Chinese company even recently printed a two-story, 4,305-square-foot building on-site in just 45 days.”

These new concepts for homes may not be your ideal home but as younger generations come into their own and start buying homes the technology will likely be advanced enough to print with wood, metal and stone.

Home buyers could become home designers.

The software may be available to consumers to download and design their homes, no more cookie cutter homes but rather a highly customized home that’s a style all their own.

So while 3-D printing hasn’t come to the Flathead Valley just yet, it’s only a matter of time!

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