6 Tips for Loading a Moving Truck

Moving? There’s nothing to it…except tons of boxes all going different directions at the same time with your entire world in the back of a truck…ok so it’s a bit disruptive to say the least, but here are some tips for helping make the move a smoother process.

“There is nothing worse than rushing,” says Joe Devost, regional manager of You Move Me.

1. Try to keep your boxes to the regular sizes

This will make stacking the boxes on the truck and in rooms that are being emptied much simpler, think Tetris, everything can fit beautifully into the truck…with a little planning and not having every box being a different size. Try to avoid filling trash cans, laundry baskets or other storage bins.

Keep those odd sized items with odd sized boxes out for your own vehicle if you can. And try organizing your boxes into 3 piles by weight…but we’ll get into this later.

2. Know what to load first

Don’t start the truck off with boxes, but rather load the heaviest and bulkiest items first.  Begin with dressers and trunks then move on to the boxes with the heaviest at the bottom of the stacks. Also think about the weight side to side, if you put all your heaviest items on the drivers side you may have issues with safety while driving the truck to your new home!

Always strap furniture down and use furniture blankets to make sure everything arrives in the same condition that it went into the truck.

3. Strategy

So now all your furniture is loaded, padded and tied down so lets move onto the boxes. Loading efficiently can cut out additional trips which can cost gas money and mileage on rented trucks.  Boxes should ideally be stacked neatly from floor to ceiling placing them side to side from heaviest to lightest. And don’t be afraid to use straps on boxes as well.

4. What to save for last

Those light and odd-shaped items are always the last to go, be sure to wrap up any fragile items. Ideally any space you have left at the top of the truck could be used for rugs to make sure the truck is packed as well as possible.

Be sure to push on items to make sure everything is secure, if things move try more straps.

5. Not everything should go on the truck

Many professional movers won’t move anything hazardous and neither should you if you can help it. But there may be other reasons you don’t want something to go on the truck. Many perishable things, liquids or combustible items will be better left off the truck as well as fragile antiques but remember they still need to be wrapped carefully.


Yes, we really have to tell you to lock the truck. Even just for a move across town, you really don’t want to be losing items out the back.

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