Can Paint Colors Make a Room Look Bigger

It’s rare that someone comes in and doesn’t want a spacious home, but you may not have to start tearing down walls or adding on to make the most of your space! One of the simplest ways to create the illusion of more space is to choose your paint colors very carefully.

White: This is an old standard to create a more open feel, it’s been used by designers for years and years.

Yellow: This reflects light very well and is a softer alternative to white…just be careful not to go TOO yellow. Combining a nice citrus shade with white trim can also add dimension to the room, just think banana or dandelion rather than highlighter yellow.

Cool Blues and Greens: These colors are soothing and can bring brightness and depth.

Gray: White may not be your ideal but stick with a neutral palette with the many shades of gray. Look for gentle shades that are calming.

Deep Jewel Tones: This may not seem obvious but jewel-tones walls don’t have to make a room feel smaller, they can give a room a cavernous feel and can help give small bathrooms a more private feel.


If you’re going with a neutral color consider using a monochromatic scheme in the room, with rugs and accents in similar shades, this gives the room a minimalistic clean look which can make it feel larger as well.



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