For Buyers/Sellers

A Message from Your Team of Professionals at Locations Montana

The buying and selling of real estate is handled differently depending upon each state. In Montana, it is customary to close real estate transactions at a title company. It is also customary that sellers and buyers of a transaction are scheduled at different times and may be attended by the Realtor representing each closing party. As Real Estate Professionals, we are there to handle any transactions in which Buyers or Sellers are out of state at the time of closing.

Seller’s are responsible for the cost of title insurance to confirm they hold merchantable title. If a Buyer is financing, he will then be responsible to pay for the title insurance for the Lender to the amount of the loan.

It is highly recommended that Buyer’s planning of financing a purchase of real estate make application with a Lender of his choice and obtain a pre-qualification letter that could be provided upon acceptance of an offer. This serves dual purposes: it prepares the Buyer and his Realtor for the ideal range of purchasing power when searching for the right property; and secondly, it adds strength to the offer itself should multiple offers be presented to the Seller.

Your team of professionals at Locations Montana want you to have the best experience in the buying and selling of real estate. Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible and are eager and ready to answer any and all questions about the process from the moment goals are created to goals reached.

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