Pros and Cons of Hiring a Home Inspector

Virtually every home buyer knows what a good idea it is to hire a home inspector and this is often a requirement for a mortgage. But what about hiring one as the seller? Having a pre-inspection done can help you find problems that could derail an offer down the line, but that’s just one of the pros…

Pro: Fewer surprises in everything from the foundation to the roof giving both the buyer and seller peace of mind about the property.

For buyers this is a very typical clause in an offer so if something does come up that is unexpected they can renegotiate the price, request the repairs or even abandon the deal (without forfeiting their Earnest Money).

For sellers, the benefits aren’t so clear but think of it as a peace of mind during the sale process.

Con: It isn’t free.

While it’s not as common for sellers to get a pre-inspection possibly because of the cost ($200-$500) or just because they aren’t required, but if you could get any of the small things out of the way before you have a buyer interested it could make a big difference.

Pro: Time Management.

Having a pre-inspection done gives you time to fix problems, it may even tell you that to get what you want you may need to hold off on listing it for a few weeks or even months…a time you wouldn’t want perspective buyers looking at the construction mess anyway!

Con: It doesn’t mean you’re house is perfect and you’re in the clear.

If the buyers hire one of their own he may find something yours didn’t, or what your inspector thought was no big deal their inspector is more concerned about. If you hired 10 different inspectors, chances are that you will get 10 very different answers. Keep in mind that buyers will most likely trust their own inspector more than yours they may have an entirely different list of repairs.

Con: A pre-inspection could require you to disclose the problems that are found.

Once home sellers are aware of a problem they may be required by law to disclose those issues to any potential buyers, your Locations Montana Realtor can help you with this part.


So what do you think, is a pre-inspection right for you? If you have more questions call or email us and we would be happy to help answer your questions.



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