Do you have the right driveway for your home?

Your driveway may not seem like an important thing to think about when selling your home but it should be.  There are numerous ways to do every project around your home and that includes your driveway but each one can change the entire look of your home and can both add or detract from the curb appeal of your home.

Lets take a look at some of your options:

Concrete: This is the good old standby for most driveways commonly found in most suburban homes for two big reasons. Typically it’s the longest-lasting surface and if installed properly should be practically maintenance-free. The downside, it can stain easily and in the colder climate of Bigfork, MT, frequent de-icing can break down the concrete.

Asphalt: These are a combination of sand, rock and asphalt cement, traditionally it comes in a basic black but in some cases it can be stamped with designs to help it stand out. The up side, it’s inexpensive to install but it’s definitely not maintenance free and is known to crack fairly frequently.

Gravel: Loose gravel is typically poured into a barrier to keep things contained, it’s great for winding country driveways with plenty of landscaping.  It can get shaken up easily and you’ll be replacing the gravel every few years and frequently raking it up.

Brick: A truly classic feel dating all the way back to ancient times, a base is laid down with a solid perimeter then the bricks are layered across.  This is a fairly expensive surface type, but if installed right it could last for decades.

Cobblestone: For those looking for the Old World feel cobblestone is the way to go. It can last for decades and a getting a little wear and tear just adds to the rustic feel.

Glass: Yes you heard us right, glass. These aren’t sheets of glass but rather more of a tumbled mosaic of thick glass sealed with resin. Great option for environmentally conscious homeowners and is low-maintenance.

Green: Growing grass over a plastic base making it safe to drive on but you’ll have to water it just like your yard, option 2 is a grid made from concrete with small holes that allow grass to peek out. Neither of these are a low-maintenance option.

Talk to one of our Locations Montana Bigfork Real Estate Agents to see what option may be the best for you home!


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